December 8, 2023

Why in News?

The Drugs Controller General of India recently approved an oral drug to treat COVID-19 called the 2-DG. The 2-DG was developed by the Defense Research Development Organization for Emergency Use. 2-DG is 2-Deoxy – D – Glucose. It was developed in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.

About 2-DG drug
• The drug ensures faster recovery of hospitalised patients and will reduce supplemental oxygen dependence during clinical trials.
• It accumulates in infected cells and stops viral synthesis. This accumulation makes the drug unique.
• The drug comes in a powdered form in sachets. It is consumed orally after dissolving in water.
• It was developed by Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS). INMAS is a laboratory operating under DRDO.
• The DGCI has granted permission for emergency use of the drug in moderate to severe COVID-19 patients.
• 2-DG is a generic molecule and thus can be easily produced and made available in plenty in the country.

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