Sun halo

  • Sun halo, a rare celestial event was seen around the Sun in the skies in Northern part of India.

About Sun Halo

  • It is an optical phenomenon, which happens when sunlight passes through unique hexagonal ice crystals in the atmosphere.
  • This is also called Kaleidoscopic Effect.
  • Hexagonal ice crystals are found in cirrus clouds.
    • These are thin and wispy clouds and are formed very high up in the atmosphere, at a height of over 20,000 feet.
  • It results in a bright ring or halo encircling the sun, which has a radius of around 22 degrees.
  • It is multi-coloured and looked like a rainbow enveloping the sun.
  • The halo is the brightest at the inner edge of the circular disk, with no light inside the disk as no light is refracted at smaller angles.
  • Red light is refracted less than other colours of light, so the halo’s inner edge is reddish.
    • Other shades typically tend to overlap and wash out.
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