• Supreme Court has stated that government may need to re-check its stance on Ranganath Mishra report.
  • The top court was hearing the pleas, including those which have alleged that the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950 is discriminatory and violative of Article 14 and 15.
    • The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950, as amended from time to time, says no person professing a religion other than Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism shall be deemed to be a member of a Scheduled Caste (SC).

About Ranganath Mishra Commission

  • It is officially known as National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities.
  • It was constituted to look into various issues related to linguistic and religious minorities in the country.
  • Report by Commission (2007) recommended that Scheduled caste status be completely delinked from religion and be made religion-neutral like STs.
  • It had recommended permitting Dalits who converted to Islam and Christianity to avail Scheduled Caste status.
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