• Quasars — the brightest and the most powerful objects in the universe — have a violent origin story.
  • A recent study revealed that merger of galaxies ignites quasars.
  • Quasars are very bright, distant and active supermassive black holes that are millions to billions of times mass of the
  • The quasi-stellar radio sources (Quasars) were first discovered six decades ago.
  • Typically located at the centers of galaxies, they feed on infalling matter and unleash torrents of radiation.
  • A quasar’s light outshines that of all the stars in its host galaxy combined.
  • Most quasars are larger than our solar system.
  • A quasar is approximately 1-kilo parsec in width.
    • 1 parsec is a unit of distance used in astronomy, equal to about 3.26 light years.
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