November 30, 2023

Hakkipikki tribes

Why in news?

In Karnataka, several members of the HakkiPikki Tribe survived Covid-19.

  • The Gujrathioa, Kaliwala, Mewara, and Panwara clans of the HakkiPikki tribes are semi-nomadic tribal people.
  • They speak a variety of south Indian languages, including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, as well as Vagribooli, a Guajarati-like language.
  • In Kannada, the HakkiPikki means “bird catchers.”
  • In Karnataka, it is classified as a Scheduled Tribe.
Origin and History:
  • The HakkiPikki tribal groups have a long history that includes an ancestor who is said to be related to the legendary Ranapratap Singh.
  • The HakkiPikki tribal community is a Kshatriya or warrior tribal group that was forced to move to southern India after defeating Mughal rulers.
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