September 29, 2023
Consider the following statements:
1. In 1914, movement in Mandi started against Wazir Upadhya Jiwa Nand, under the leadership of Sobha Ram.
2. Uma Dutt and Durga were killed in the Dhami tragedy by police firing.
3. Baba Kanshi Ram was given the title of pahari Gandhi by Sarojini Naidu in Ghadriwala conference.  
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?
  • (A) 1 only
  • (B) 2 only
  • (C) 1 and 3 only
  • (D) All of the above
Which leader of the Ghadar movement was sentenced to death in Lahore conspiracy case, which was later converted into life imprisonment? [HP Naib Tehsildar (Pre)-2018] [HP Designated Officer-2016]
  • (A) Mathradas
  • (B) Hardev
  • (C) Hridayaram
  • (D) Mian Jawahar Singh
Match List 1 and List 2 and choose the correct answer.
A. Dujam
B. Bhoomi Bandobast Abhiyan
C. Pajhota movement
1. Rampur
2. Bilaspur
3. Sirmaur
  • (A) A-3 , B-1 , C-2
  • (B) A-1 , B-2 , C-3
  • (C) A-2 , B-3 , C-1
  • (D) A-2 , B-1 , C-3
In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the freedom fighter Chaudhary Sher Jung, Matha Ram, Deep Ram and the Sunhari Devi related? [HP Workshop Superitendent (Polytechnic)-2015]
  • (A) Una
  • (B) Sirmaur
  • (C) Kangra
  • (D) Chamba
Consider the following statements:
1. Kunihar Praja Mandal was organized in Shimla in 1939 and put forward their demands to Rana Dalip Singh.
2. Rana of Kunihar did not accept the demands of Praja Mandal.  
Which of the above statement(s) is/are incorrect?
  • (A) 1 only
  • (B) 2 only
  • (C) Both 1 and 2
  • (D) None of the above
Who took the oath of wearing black clothes till independence? [HP State Coop. bank Ltd.-2015]
  • (A) Bhagmal Sohta
  • (B) Baba Kanshi Ram
  • (C) Gendamal
  • (D) Padamdev  
Which of the following was not related to 'Pajota Satyagraha‘?
  • (A) Surat Singh Vaidhya
  • (B) Y. S. Parmar
  • (C) Atmaram
  • (D) Shivanand Ramaul

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