April 24, 2024
Eutrophication is the growth of Algal bloom induced by
  • (A) Nutrient depletion in freshwater bodies
  • (B) Nutrient enrichment in freshwater bodies
  • (C) Heavy metal accumulation in freshwater bodies
  • (D) Toxic chemical accumulation in freshwater bodies
After the Bhopal disaster, a more comprehensive ___________ was passed in 1986.
  • (A) Environment Protection Act (EPA)
  • (B) The Air Act
  • (C) Central Motor Vehicle Act
  • (D) Pollution control Act
CPCB initiated its own national Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (NAAQM) program in ______
  • (A) 1985
  • (B) 1982
  • (C) 1983
  • (D) 1986
Which one of the following is not included under In-situ conservation?
  • (A) National Park
  • (B) Botanical Gardens
  • (C) Wild Life Sanctuary
  • (D) Biosphere Reserves
 In India, National Institute of Disaster Management is located at_____place
  • (A) Manipur
  • (B) Hyderabad
  • (C) Punjab
  • (D) New Delhi
In cricket match, while catching a fast moving ball, a fielder in the ground gradually pulls his hands backwards with the moving ball to reduce the velocity to zero. The act represents
  • (A) Newton's first law of motion
  • (B) Newton's second law of motion
  • (C) Newton's third law of motion
  • (D) Law of conservation of energy
Which one among the following statements is correct?
  • (A) Prokaryotic cells possess nucleus.
  • (B) Cell membrane is present both in plant and animal cells.
  • (C) Mitochondria and chloroplasts are not found in eukaryotic cells.
  • (D) Ribosome‘s are present in eukaryotic cells only.
 Lacrimal apparatus, Lacrimal artery, Lacrimal bone, Lacrimal ducts, Lacrimal fossa, Lacrimal fluid & Lacrimal gland are parts of which organ of the body?
  • (A) Ear
  • (B) Nose
  • (C) Eye
  • (D) Throat
 Which of the following is not a member of the vitamin B complex?
  • (A) Thiamine
  • (B) Riboflavin
  • (C) Folic acid
  • (D) Ascorbic acid
The focal length of the lens of a normal human eye is about
  • (A) 25 cm
  • (B) 1 m
  • (C) 2.5 mm
  • (D) 2.5 cm

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