April 24, 2024
Which of the following is not an example of Newton’s third law of motion?
  • (A) A cricket player lowering his hand while catching a ball
  • (B) Walking on a floor
  • (C) Rebounding of a rubber ball
  • (D) Flight of a jet
A person jumping out of a moving bus may fall forward because of
  • (A) Inertia of rest.
  • (B) Inertia of rest.
  • (C) inertia of direction.
  • (D) none of these.
The device fitted in an automobile to measure the distance travelled by it is
  • (A) odometer.
  • (B) speedometer.
  • (C) hygrometer.
  • (D) ticker tape timer.
At the maximum height, a body thrown vertically upwards has
  • (A) velocity not zero but acceleration zero.
  • (B) Acceleration not zero but velocity zero.
  • (C) Both acceleration and velocity not zero.
  • (D) Both acceleration and velocity zero.
 Which is not the correct equation of motion?
  • (A) s = ut + 1 / 2 at2
  • (B) v2 – u2 = 2as
  • (C) v = u – at
  • (D) v – u = at
The inertia of a body is measured by its
  • (A) Mass
  • (B) Volume
  • (C) Density
  • (D) Force acting on it
The SI unit of impulse is
  • (A) kg ms–1
  • (B) kg ms–2
  • (C) N
  • (D) N/s
 Action and reaction act on
  • (A) different bodies in opposite direction.
  • (B) same body in opposite directions.
  • (C) different bodies but in same direction.
  • (D) same body in same direction.
The acceleration due to gravity
  • (A) Has the same value everywhere in space
  • (B) Has the same value everywhere on the earth
  • (C) Varies with the latitude on the earth
  • (D) is greater on the moon
Which is a vector quantity?
  • (A) Weight
  • (B) Mass
  • (C) Density
  • (D) Volume

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