September 26, 2023
International Coastal Clean-Up Day 2021 is being celebrated under the theme-
  • (A) Plastic is choking our oceans
  • (B) Keep trash in the bin and not in the ocean
  • (C) Think about our oceans
  • (D) none of the above
What is the capital of El Salvador?
  • (A) San Miguel
  • (B) San José
  • (C) Guatemala
  • (D) San Salvador
Ek Pahal Campaign seen recently in news is an initiative of-
  • (A) Ministry of Law and Justice
  • (B) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • (C) Ministry of Coal
  • (D) none of the above
45th GST council Meeting was chaired by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. It was held in-
  • (A) Nagpur
  • (B) Delhi
  • (C) Mumbai
  • (D) Lucknow
The first-ever Environment Prize, called Earthshot Prize is given by-
  • (A) United Nations Environment Programme
  • (B) International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • (C) Royal Foundation, England
  • (D) World Meteorological Organization
Recently three National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) centres were inaugurated. NIELIT come under the ambit of-
  • (A) Ministry of Education
  • (B) Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • (C) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • (D) Ministry of Science and Technology

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