September 29, 2023
Swachhta Pakhwada, with the objective of bringing a fortnight of intense focus on issues and practices of the Swachhta by engaging all the government ministries & departments, was started in-
  • (A) 2015
  • (B) 2016
  • (C) 2017
  • (D) 2018
Under Rail Kaushal Vikas Yojana, how many candidates will be provided training in a period of 3 years?
  • (A) 5000
  • (B) 10000
  • (C) 50000
  • (D) 500000
World Ozone Day or the International Day for preservation of Ozone Layer is celebrated on-
  • (A) September 13
  • (B) September 14
  • (C) September 15
  • (D) September 16
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited, which was in news recently, is headquartered at-
  • (A) Ahmedabad
  • (B) Bangalore
  • (C) Chennai
  • (D) Dehradun
GSLV Mk-III chosen as launch vehicle for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft is a _______stage heavy lift launch vehicle.
  • (A) two
  • (B) three
  • (C) four
  • (D) none of the above
A security partnership between Australia, United Kingdom and United States AUKUS has been announced for-
  • (A) Indo-pacific
  • (B) Iran nuclear programme
  • (C) North Korean threat
  • (D) Afghanistan policy
Which private company has launched 4 amateurs on a private Earth-circling trip?
  • (A) SpaceX
  • (B) Blue Origins
  • (C) Virgin Galactic
  • (D) none of the above
Shoonya campaign seen recently in news is associated with-
  • (A) minimising child labour cases
  • (B) promote EVs for delivery services
  • (C) minimising emissions from agriculture
  • (D) none of the above

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