September 29, 2023
Lamont Marcell Jacobs has won Men’s 100m Gold at Tokyo Olympics 2020. He belongs to which country?
  • (A) USA
  • (B) Jamaica
  • (C) Italy
  • (D) Costa Rica
The Great Sitkin Volcano is located in which country?
  • (A) Indonesia
  • (B) Malaysia
  • (C) Japan
  • (D) USA
The Lushai Hills are spread across which states in India?
  • (A) Manipur and Mizoram
  • (B) Manipur and Nagaland
  • (C) Manipur and Assam
  • (D) Nagaland and Assam
Which country is the largest producer of sugar in the world?
  • (A) Brazil
  • (B) India
  • (C) China
  • (D) Indonesia
Russia’s initiative ‘Moscow Format’ of talks is aimed to ensure peace and stability in-
  • (A) Afghanistan
  • (B) Ukraine
  • (C) Azerbaijan
  • (D) Armenia
Samudra Shakti defence exercise is a bilateral exercise between India and-
  • (A) Sri Lanka
  • (B) Indonesia
  • (C) Myanmar
  • (D) Bangladesh
Sabki Yojna Sabka Vikas campaign comes under the ambit of-
  • (A) Ministry of Rural Development
  • (B) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
  • (C) Ministry of Agriculture
  • (D) Ministry of Panchayati Raj
IUCN categorises Swinhoe's softshell turtle as _________species.
  • (A) least concern
  • (B) vulnerable
  • (C) endangered
  • (D) critically endangered
‘Project Himank’ is a project of the Border Road Organisation being implemented in-
  • (A) Ladakh
  • (B) Sikkim
  • (C) Himachal Pradesh
  • (D) Arunachal Pradesh

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