September 29, 2023
Children’s Climate Risk Index report has been recently released by-
  • (A) UNICEF
  • (B) Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • (C) World Bank
  • (D) IUCN
India’s first smog tower has been inaugurated at-
  • (A) Gurugram
  • (B) Delhi
  • (C) Noida
  • (D) Faridabad
The defence exercise Konkan, is conducted between navies of India and-
  • (A) USA
  • (B) UK
  • (C) Sri Lanka
  • (D) Bangladesh
India’s highest herbal park was inaugurated near Indo-China border in which state/UT?
  • (A) Ladakh
  • (B) Uttarakhand
  • (C) Arunachal Pradesh
  • (D) Sikkim
PM-KUSUM scheme is associated with-
  • (A) soil health quality
  • (B) gas cylinder provision to poor
  • (C) toilet construction
  • (D) solar energy use in agriculture
The Narayankoti temple, recently included under the Centre's Adopt a Heritage project is situated in-
  • (A) Himachal Pradesh
  • (B) Uttar Pradesh
  • (C) Haryana
  • (D) Uttarakhand
Surangam system in South India is associated with-
  • (A) agricultural irrigation
  • (B) land revenue
  • (C) military organisation
  • (D) none of the above
Tungabhadra dam also known as Pampa Sagar is a multipurpose dam situated in-
  • (A) Maharashtra
  • (B) Karnataka
  • (C) Telangana
  • (D) Andhra Pradesh

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