July 16, 2024
Consider the following statements with respect to recently signed Economic cooperation and trade agreement between India and Australia-
1. It will provide zero-duty access to 96 per cent of India's exports to Australia.
2. Currently, Australia is the 17th largest trading partner of India.
Which of the above statements are correct?
  • (A) Only 1
  • (B) Only 2
  • (C) Both 1 and 2
  • (D) Neither 1 nor 2
The headquarters of UN Women are situated in-
  • (A) Washington
  • (B) Paris
  • (C) Brussels
  • (D) New York
Which Indian women has ranked 10th in the recently released Hurun Richest Self-Made Women 2022 list?
  • (A) Falguni Nayar
  • (B) Radha Vembu
  • (C) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
  • (D) Richa Ambani
Pakke or Pakhui Tiger reserve is situated in -
  • (A) Assam
  • (B) Nagaland
  • (C) West Bengal
  • (D) Arunachal Pradesh
Prehistoric relics were recently discovered from Attappady. It is located in-
  • (A) Kerala
  • (B) Telangana
  • (C) Andhra Pradesh
  • (D) Odisha
Pradhan Mantri Virasat Ka Samvardhan (PM VIKAS) scheme comes under the ambit of-
  • (A) Ministry of Culture
  • (B) Ministry of Minority Affairs
  • (C) Ministry of Home Affairs
  • (D) Ministry of Tourism
Consider the following statements regarding Changthang Woldlife Sanctuary-
1. It is home to highest altitude water lakes including Tso Moriri, Pangong Tso and Tso Kar.
2. Tibetan wild ass and black-necked crane are found here.
Which of the above statements are correct?
  • (A) Only 1
  • (B) Only 2
  • (C) Both 1 and 2
  • (D) Neither 1 nor 2
Indian Army has inducted Igla-S short range air defence systems from-
  • (A) Israel
  • (B) Russia
  • (C) USA
  • (D) UK
Vikram Samvat is a ______calender and started in_______.
  • (A) Solar, 57 BC
  • (B) Lunar, 78 AD
  • (C) Solar,78 AD
  • (D) Lunar, 57 BC
Which of the following states Introduced Bhagavad Gita in School Syllabus?
  • (A) Himachal Pradesh
  • (B) Karnataka
  • (C) Gujarat
  • (D) All of the above
Which of the following City of Himachal Pradesh  famous for Holi celebrations ?
  • (A) Sujanpur
  • (B) Solan
  • (C) Rampur
  • (D) Shimla

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