September 29, 2023
 World Sustainable Development Summit 2021 was conducted by ?
  • (A) United Nations Framework for Combating Climate Change.
  • (B) United Nations Environment Program
  • (C) International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • (D) The Energy and Resources Institute
 Which Indian company has recently became a signatory of UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate ?
  • (A) National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
  • (B) National Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.
  • (C) Steel Authority of India ltd.
  • (D) Gas India Authority Ltd.
The scheme to distribute tablets among children, YounTab scheme, is launched in which Union Territory ?
  • (A) Puducherry
  • (B) Goa
  • (C) Delhi
  • (D) Ladakh
Which Nordic country has recently approved plans for building an artificial island ?
  • (A) Finland
  • (B) Norway
  • (C) Denmark
  • (D) Sweden
 Merapi volcano, which erupted recently, is located in ?
  • (A) Indonesia
  • (B) South Sudan
  • (C) Democratic Republic of Congo
  • (D) Japan
  The World Energy Investment Report is published by-
  • (A) International Energy Agency
  • (B) World Economic Forum
  • (C) United Nations Environment Program
  • (D) World Bank
Loiya Ngamba, on whose story, ‘Jungle Man Loiya’ movie was featured by Films Division, belongs to which state ?
  • (A) Nagaland
  • (B) Arunachal Pradesh
  • (C) Manipur
  • (D) Tripura
The minimum global tax rate to be levied, agreed upon by the G7 economies, would be at least ?
  • (A) 12%
  • (B) 15%
  • (C) 14%
  • (D) 18%

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