July 16, 2024
Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary, often seen in news , is famous for which species ?
  • (A) Bengal tiger
  • (B) Asiatic lion
  • (C) Dhole
  • (D) Gharial
Who releases Purchasing Manager Index ?
  • (A) Ihs Markit
  • (B) Institute of London
  • (C) Singapore Government
  • (D) Asian Development Bank
UNESCO observed which day as World Press Freedom Index Day ?
  • (A) 1st may
  • (B) 2nd may
  • (C) 3rd may
  • (D) 22nd may
In India, in the overall index of industrial production, the indices of eight core industries have a combined share of 40.27%.which of the following has the highest share among eight core industries?
  • (A) Electricity
  • (B) Coal
  • (C) Crude oil
  • (D) Refinery product
Xylophis Deepaki, a snake has been named after which famous herpetologist ?
  • (A) Deepak Garg
  • (B) Deepak Sharma
  • (C) Deepak Annapurna
  • (D) Deepak Veerappan
Mayflower 400, seen recently in news, is -
  • (A) A new species of orchid flower.
  • (B) Largest horticulture festival held in Amsterdam every April.
  • (C) New launch vehicle launched by SpaceX.
  • (D) World’s first artificial intelligence ship.
Brood X, seen recently in news, is a -
  • (A) Species of cicadas, the longest living insects.
  • (B) Species of luminescent butterflies.
  • (C) Newly developed rocket launcher by DRDO.
  • (D) Anti-tank missile procured by India.
Parker solar probe, launched by NASA in 2018, aims to reach _______ kilometres from centre of sun to study the outer corona of sun.
  • (A) 6.9 million
  • (B) 7.9 million
  • (C) 6.5 million
  • (D) 7.5 million
In which north eastern Indian state, a fragmented fossil bone of Sauropod dinosaur has been found for the first time ?
  • (A) Sikkim
  • (B) Assam
  • (C) Meghalaya
  • (D) Manipur
The MeerKAT telescope which was used recently in the discovery of milli second pulsars is located in -
  • (A) Chile
  • (B) South Africa
  • (C) India
  • (D) USA
Under which ministry SVAMITVA SCHEME has been launched:
  • (A) Ministry of Panchayati Raj
  • (B) Ministry of food processing
  • (C) Ministry of Agriculture
  • (D) Ministry of Environment

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