September 29, 2023

Science Quiz: Day 125

Which one of the following is not a semiconductor?
  • (A) Silicon
  • (B) Germanium
  • (C) Quartz
  • (D) Gallium arsenide
Which one of the following is a physical change?
  • (A) Burning of coal
  • (B) Burning of wood
  • (C) Heating of a platinum crucible
  • (D) Heating of potassium chlorate
The pH value of a sample of multiple-distilled water is -
  • (A) Zero
  • (B) 14
  • (C) Very near to zero
  • (D) Very near to seven
Which one of the following is the most characteristic property of an element ?
  • (A) Density
  • (B) Boiling point
  • (C) Mass number
  • (D) Atomic number
There are two elements--calcium (atomic number 20) and argon (atomic number 18). The mass number of both the elements is 40. They are therefore known as :
  • (A) Isotones
  • (B) Isochores
  • (C) Isobars
  • (D) Isotopes
Plum Pudding Model - for an atom was proposed by :
  • (A) Antoine Lavoisier
  • (B) Robert Boyle
  • (C) Ernest Rutherford
  • (D) J. J. Thomson
The chemical properties of an element depend upon :
  • (A) The number of isotopes of the element
  • (B) The mass number of the element
  • (C) The total number of neutrons in the element
  • (D) The number of electrons in the outermost shell of the element
The paste of a white material in water is used to maintain a fractured bone fixed in place. The white material used is called :
  • (A) Bleaching powder
  • (B) Plaster of Paris
  • (C) Powder of zinc oxide
  • (D) Lime powder
Which one of the following types of glasses is used for making optical instruments?
  • (A) Pyrex glass
  • (B) Soft glass
  • (C) Hard glass
  • (D) Flint glass
What are the main constituents of biogas ?
  • (A) Methane and sulphur dioxide
  • (B) Methane and carbon dioxide
  • (C) Methane, hydrogen and nitric oxide
  • (D) Methane and nitric acid

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