September 27, 2023

Science Quiz: Day 01

Limonitic ore is the ore of which metal?
  • (A) Iron
  • (B) Aluminium
  • (C) Zinc
  • (D) Cobalt
_____ is a thyroid hormone which controls the balance of calcium in the body
  • (A) Calcitonin
  • (B) Thyroxine
  • (C) Calmodulin
  • (D) All of these
The cell wall in plants is interrupted by narrow pores carrying fine strands of cytoplasm which interlink the contents of the cells. These strands are called –
  • (A) Plasmohole
  • (B) Microvilli
  • (C) Plasmodesmata
  • (D) Plasmalemma
The outer most layer of the Sun is known as
  • (A) Corona
  • (B) Photosphere
  • (C) Chromosphere
  • (D) Granule
The term Carbon Credit is associated with
  • (A) Coal reserve of a nation
  • (B) Reduction of Green House Gas emissions
  • (C) Fossil Fuel reserve
  • (D) Amount of CO2 an individual emits in a year
Haematite ores is the ore of which metal?
  • (A) Iron
  • (B) Aluminium
  • (C) Zinc
  • (D) Cobalt
Vertebrates have two endocrine glands associated with the brain, namely
  • (A) Thyroid, Thymus
  • (B) Pituitary, Pancreas
  • (C) Pituitary, Pineal
  • (D) Pancreas, Pineal
The layer common to two adjacent plant cells called Middle Lamella is composed of
  • (A) Calcium Phosphate
  • (B) Calcium Sulphate
  • (C) Calcium Carbonate
  • (D) Calcium Pectate
Algae often float on surface of water during day but sink during night due to:
  • (A) Evolution and trapping of oxygen bubbles during the day in their photosynthesis process
  • (B) Becoming light as they consume most of their food in the night
  • (C) Warming action of sun during the day
  • (D) Release of absorbed air by warming of water
On which of the following statements, is the kinetic theory of matter base?
  • (A) Matter is made up of molecules
  • (B) Molecules are in rapid motion
  • (C) Molecules experience forces of attraction between one another
  • (D) All of the above
When heated with chloroform, secondary amines and tertiary amines
  • (A) Gives isocyanides
  • (B) Gives cyanides
  • (C) Do not give isocyanides
  • (D) Both (a) and (b)
Which one of the following statement regarding the sun is correct?
  • (A) The sun is composed mainly of hydrogen.
  • (B) Its energy is generated by nuclear collision in its interior
  • (C) It is calculated that the sun consumes about a trillion pounds of hydrogen every second
  • (D) All of the above
Supersonic speed is speed greater than the speed of sound (in air at sea level) that is to say around______ miles/hour.
  • (A) 760
  • (B) 860
  • (C) 960
  • (D) 1060
An aeroplane rises because -
  • (A) Of upward reaction of air.
  • (B) The density of air above the plane is less than below it.
  • (C) The pressure above its wings is less than the pressure below them
  • (D) Its nose points upwards
The pioneer of Atomic energy in India is
  • (A) Homi J Bhabha
  • (B) Vikram Sarabhai
  • (C) C.V. Raman
  • (D) C.K. Naidu
India tops the world in production of
  • (A) Aluminium
  • (B) Copper
  • (C) Chromite
  • (D) Mica
DPT vaccine does not give protection to a child from
  • (A) Tetanus
  • (B) Polio
  • (C) Diphtheria
  • (D) Whooping Cough
What will be the colour of a red rose when it is seen through green glass?
  • (A) White
  • (B) Black
  • (C) Pink
  • (D) Brown
Which one of the following crops enriches nitrogen content in the soil?
  • (A) Pea
  • (B) Sunflower
  • (C) Potato
  • (D) Wheat
Vitamin necessary to prevent prolonged bleeding is
  • (A) Vitamin A
  • (B) Vitamin E
  • (C) Vitamin D
  • (D) Vitamin K

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