June 16, 2024

Science Quiz:

Xylem is the specialized tissue of the plants that transports water and nutrients from the soil to the upper parts like stems and leaves of plant and provides mechanical support to them. It is composed of four different types of the cells. Which of the following is not one a type of cell found in xylem tissues?
  • (A) Tracheids
  • (B) Vessels
  • (C) Xylem parenchyma
  • (D) Sieve tubes
While doing work and running, you move your organs like hands, legs, etc. Which among the following is correct?
  • (A) Smooth muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones
  • (B) Smooth muscles contract and pull the tendons to move the bones
  • (C) Skeletal muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones
  • (D) Skeletal muscles contract and pull the tendon to move the bones
Which is not a function of epidermis?
  • (A) Protection from adverse condition
  • (B) Gaseous exchange
  • (C) Conduction of water
  • (D) Transpiration
Select the incorrect sentence.
  • (A) Blood has a matrix containing proteins, salts and hormones
  • (B) Two bones are connected by ligament
  • (C) Tendons are non-fibrous tissue and fragile
  • (D) Cartilage is a form of connective tissue
Simple epithelium is a tissue, which form the outer protective layer of the skin of the animal body, is composed of cells which are
  • (A) Hardened and provide support to organs
  • (B) Continuously diving to provide to form an organ
  • (C) Cemented directly to one another to form an irregular layer
  • (D) Loosely connected to one another to form an irregular layer
Choose the option that best describes the characteristics of the kingdom to which the mushroom belongs:
  • (A) Unicellular prokaryotic organisms
  • (B) Saprophytic, eukaryotic, multicellular organisms
  • (C) Unicellular eukaryotic organisms
  • (D) Autotrophic eukaryotic organisms
Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  • (A) Aves are warm blooded, egg laying and have four four-chambered heart.
  • (B) Aves have feather covered body, fore limbs are modified as wing and breathe through lungs.
  • (C) Most of the mammals are viviparous.
  • (D) Fishes, amphibians and reptiles are oviparous
In taxonomic hierarchy family comes between
  • (A) Class and Order
  • (B) Order and Genus
  • (C) Genus and Species
  • (D) Division and Class
Rutherford’s ‘alpha (α) particles scattering experiment’ resulted in the discovery of
  • (A) Electron
  • (B) Proton
  • (C) Nucleus in the atom
  • (D) Atomic mass
What prevents an atom from being collapsed?
  • (A) The nuclear forces
  • (B) Movement of electrons in discrete energy levels
  • (C) The electron-electron repulsions
  • (D) All of the

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