May 25, 2024
Out of the following, which one does not affect the speed of conduction of nerve impulse.
  • (A) No. of ganglia
  • (B) Myelin sheath
  • (C) Axon diameter
  • (D) Temperature
Name the multipolar neuron which is located entirely within the central nervous system.
  • (A) Motor neuron
  • (B) Efferent neuron
  • (C) Afferent neuron
  • (D) Interneuron
In our body involuntary actions are controlled by:
  • (A) Medulla in Hindbrain
  • (B) Medulla in Forebrain
  • (C) Medulla in Spinal Cord
  • (D) Medulla in Midbrain
What are Nissl bodies?
  • (A) Golgi bodies
  • (B) Lysosomes
  • (C) Cluster of rough endoplasmic reticulum
  • (D) Mitochondria
Spinal Cord originates from which part of the brain?
  • (A) Cerebellum
  • (B) Medulla
  • (C) Pons
  • (D) Cerebrum
Those reflex actions which involve brain are called
  • (A) Stimulus
  • (B) Cerebral reflexes
  • (C) Spinal reflexes
  • (D) Reflex arc
Which of the given hormones regulate blood calcium and phosphate in the human body?
  • (A) Glucagon
  • (B) Parathyroid hormone
  • (C) Thyroxine
  • (D) Growth hormone
Which hormone is responsible for the release of milk from the mammary gland?
  • (A) Adrenaline
  • (B) Thyroxine
  • (C) Progesterone
  • (D) Oxytocin
Why iodised salt is useful for consumption?
  • (A) It controls the thyroid gland
  • (B) It increases resistance to diseases
  • (C) It improves digestion
  • (D) None of the above
Hypothalamus is the basal part of which of the following?
  • (A) Forebrain
  • (B) Midbrain
  • (C) Hindbrain
  • (D) Mesencephalon
Which part of the pituitary is under the direct control of the hypothalamus?
  • (A) Posterior part
  • (B) Anterior part
  • (C) Dorsal part
  • (D) Ventral part
Which of the following hormone is not secreted by the pars distalis region of the pituitary?
  • (A) Prolactin
  • (B) Growth hormone
  • (C) Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • (D) Oxytocin
Which of the following diseases is hard to diagnose?
  • (A) Gigantism
  • (B) Goitre
  • (C) Dwarfism
  • (D) Acromegaly
Which of the following hormones are known as gonadotrophins?
  • (A) LH and Oxytocin
  • (B) LH and vasopressin
  • (C) LH and FSH
  • (D) FSH and Oxytocin
Which of the following is not a function of LH and FSH in females?
  • (A) Induces ovulation
  • (B) Secretion of androgens
  • (C) Maintaining corpus luteum
  • (D) Stimulates the growth of follicles

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