June 12, 2024
The function of tongue is to
  • (A) Help in the act of swallowing
  • (B) Help in mixing saliva with the food
  • (C) Help in speaking
  • (D) All the above
One of the digestive juices that lacks enzymes but aids digestion is
  • (A) Bile
  • (B) Succus entericus
  • (C) Chyme
  • (D) Chyle
Gastric digestion takes place efficiently in
  • (A) Acidic medium
  • (B) Basic medium
  • (C) Neutral medium
  • (D) None of these
Which of the following are the correct functions of two components of pancreatic juice trypsin and lipase
  • (A) Trypsin digests protins and lipase carbohydrates
  • (B) Trypsin digests emulsified fats andlipase proteins
  • (C) Trypsin digests starch and lipase fats
  • (D) Trypsin digests proteins andlipase emulsified fats
During digestion the lymphatics of the intestine become filled with fat globules which give white colour to the lymph. This lymph is known as
  • (A) Chyle
  • (B) Haemoconia
  • (C) Fluid plasma
  • (D) Bilirubin
If the saliva is lacking amylase, then which of the following process taking place in the cavity will be affected?
  • (A) Proteins breaking down into amino acids
  • (B) Starch breaking down into sugars
  • (C) Fats breaking down into fatty acids and glycerol
  • (D) Intestinal layer breaking down leading to
End products of protein hydrolysis are
  • (A) Mixture of amino acids
  • (B) Sugars
  • (C) Peptides
  • (D) 25 amino acids
In the wall of alimentary canal which are/ is true sequence from outer to inner
  • (A) Serosa, longitudinal muscle, mucosa, sub mucosa
  • (B) Mucosa, serosa, long muscle
  • (C) Serosa, long muscle, circular, sub-mucosa, mucosa
  • (D) Serosa, long muscle, sub-mucosa, mucosa
The inner surface of the large intestine is
  • (A) Lined by muscular tissue
  • (B) Provided with epithelial tissue
  • (C) Lined with both epithelial and muscular tissue
  • (D) Lined by all four layers
Digestion of both starch and protein is done by
  • (A) Gastric juice
  • (B) Gastric lipase
  • (C) Pancreatic juice
  • (D) Ptylin
Kwashiorkor, xeropthalmia and night blindness are
  • (A) Viral diseases
  • (B) Hereditary diseases
  • (C) Deficiency diseases
  • (D) Congenital diseases
Which was the first satellite launch vehicle in India?
  • (A) SLV-3
  • (B) ASLV
  • (C) PSLV
  • (D) GSLV
Who among the following is associated with first nuclear explosion in Pokhran?
  • (A) C.N.R. Rao
  • (B) Homi.J.Bhabha
  • (C) Anil Kakodkar
  • (D) Raja Ramanna
Which company is developing the Tactical LAN radio for the Indian Army?
  • (A) Astrome Tech Pvt Ltd
  • (B) SPAN Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • (C) Active Mind Technology
  • (D) Backbench Internet Services Private Limited

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