April 23, 2024
The mineral that is necessary for absorbing nutrients and keeping the balance of bodily fluids is
  • (A) Iron
  • (B) Calcium
  • (C) Sodium
  • (D) Chlorine
The hair pin like structure which is a part of Nephron is:
  • (A) Loop of Henle
  • (B) Proximal tubule
  • (C) Collecting tubule
  • (D) Distal tubule.
Choose the correct path of urine in our body
  • (A) Kidney → ureter → urethra → urinary bladder
  • (B) Kidney → urinary bladder → urethra → ureter
  • (C) Kidney → ureter → urinary bladder → urethra
  • (D) Urinary bladder → kidney → ureter → urethra
The major excretory product in human beings is:
  • (A) Urea
  • (B) Ammonia
  • (C) Uric acid
  • (D) Ammonium chloride
Kidneys are vital organs of the body because they help in
  • (A) Regulation of body fluids
  • (B) Regulation of acid-base balance
  • (C) Removal of metabolic wastes
  • (D) All of these functions
Which of the followings is the largest exocrine gland in human body?
  • (A) Pancreas
  • (B) Liver
  • (C) Gall bladder
  • (D) Thyroid
In which of the following are the largest amounts of nitrogen excreted from a mammalian body?
  • (A) Sweat
  • (B) Urine
  • (C) Breath
  • (D) Faces
What is glycosuria?
  • (A) High amount of sugar in urine
  • (B) Average amount of sugar in urine
  • (C) Low amount of sugar in urine
  • (D) Low amount of fat in urine
Which vessel carries blood to the kidneys?
  • (A) Renal Vein
  • (B) Renal Arteries
  • (C) All of above
  • (D) None of above
Polystyrene sulfonate is used in renal failure to
  • (A) Reduce serum level
  • (B) Prevent constipation
  • (C) Exchange potassium ions
  • (D) Correct acidosis
Which of the following kidney function is NOT true?
  • (A) Synthesize glucose
  • (B) Defend the body against disease
  • (C) Regulate blood pressure
  • (D) Regulate blood volume and composition
Which of the following hormone plays a major role in water reabsorption?
  • (A) Relaxin
  • (B) Somatostatin
  • (C) Vasopressin
  • (D) Oxytocin
Name the type of secretory cell which secretes hydrochloric acid in the stomach?
  • (A) Mucous cell
  • (B) Parietal cell
  • (C) G-cell
  • (D) D-cell
Which drug is indicated for pain related to acute renal calculi?
  • (A) NSAIDS
  • (B) Salicylates
  • (C) Muscle relaxants
  • (D) Narcotic analgesics
Inflammation of joint due to accumulation of uric acid crystals is called _________
  • (A) Osteomalacia
  • (B) Gout
  • (C) Osteoporosis
  • (D) Myasthenia gravis

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