July 16, 2024
Which of the following is not an invasive alien species in the Indian context?
  • (A) Lantana
  • (B) Cynodon
  • (C) Parthenium
  • (D) Eichhornia
The extinction of passenger pigeon was due to:
  • (A) Increased number of predatory birds.
  • (B) Over exploitation by humans.
  • (C) Non-availability of the food.
  • (D) Bird flu virus infection.
Which of the following group exhibit more species diversity?
  • (A) Gymnosperms
  • (B) Algae
  • (C) Bryophytes
  • (D) Fungi
Which of the below mentioned regions exhibit less seasonal variations?
  • (A) Tropics
  • (B) Temperates
  • (C) Alpines
  • (D) Both (a) & (b)
What is common to the techniques (i) in vitro fertilisation, (ii) Cryo preservation and (iii) tissue culture?
  • (A) All are in situ conservation methods.
  • (B) All are ex situ conservation methods.
  • (C) All require ultra modern equipment and large space.
  • (D) All are methods of conservation of extinct organisms.
According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the diameter of particles that are responsible for causing great harm to human health is:
  • (A) 2.5 micrometer
  • (B) 5.0 micrometer
  • (C) 10.0 micrometer
  • (D) 7.5 micrometer
Which of the following exhibits biomagnification?
  • (A) SO2
  • (B) Mercury
  • (C) DDT
  • (D) Both b & c
Choose the incorrect statement.
  • (A) The Montreal protocol is associated with the control of emission of ozone depleting substances
  • (B) Methane and carbon dioxide are green house gases
  • (C) Dobson units are used to measure oxygen content of air
  • (D) Use of incinerators is crucial to disposal of hospital wastes
Match the following and choose the correct option
Column I - Column II
A. Environment Protection Act - i. 1974
B. Air Prevention & Control of Pollution Act - ii. 1987
C. Water Act - iii. 1986
D. Amendment of Air Act to include noise - iv. 1981 as an air pollutant
The correct matches is;
  • (A) A-iii, B-iv, C-i, D-ii
  • (B) A-i, B-iii, C-ii, D-iv
  • (C) A-iv, B-i, C-ii, D-iii
  • (D) A-iii, B-iv, C-ii, D-i
Catalytic converters are fitted into automobiles to reduce emission of harmful gases. Catalytic converters change unburnt hydrocarbons into:
  • (A) Carbon dioxide and water
  • (B) Carbon monoxide
  • (C) Methane
  • (D) Carbon dioxide and methane
Which one of the following diseases is not caused due to contamination of water?
  • (A) Hepatitis-B
  • (B) Jaundice
  • (C) Cholera
  • (D) Typhoid
Match the items in column I and column II and choose the correct option:
Column I - Column II
A. UV - i. Biomagnification
B. Biodegradable Organic matter - ii. Eutrophication
C. DDT - iii. Snow blindness
D. Phosphates - iv. BOD
The correct match is:
  • (A) A-ii, B-i, C-iv, D-iii
  • (B) A-iii, B-ii, C-iv, D-i
  • (C) A-iii, B-iv, C-i, D-ii
  • (D) A-iii, B-i, C-iv, D-ii
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is:
  • (A) Propane
  • (B) Methane
  • (C) Ethane
  • (D) Butane
Which one of the following impurities is easiest to remove from wastewater?
  • (A) Bacteria
  • (B) Colloids
  • (C) Dissolved solids
  • (D) Suspended solids
In India we had Bhopal gas tragedy. It is associated with which of the following?
  • (A) CO2
  • (B) Methyl Isocyanate
  • (C) CFC
  • (D) Methyl Cyanate

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