April 23, 2024
Which one of the following statement is correct about breathing.
A. It is a process which provides oxygen to the body.
B. In this process water is produced in the cell.
C. This process helps the body to get rid of carbon dioxide.
D. In this process food breaks down to release energy.
  • (A) A and C only
  • (B) C and D only
  • (C) A and B only
  • (D) None of the above
Which of the following events in the mouth cavity will be affected if salivary amylase is lacking in the saliva?
  • (A) Starch breaking down into sugars.
  • (B) Proteins breaking down into amino acids.
  • (C) Absorption of vitamins.
  • (D) Fats breaking down into fatty acids and glycerol.
Posture and balance of the body is controlled by
  • (A) Pons
  • (B) Medulla oblongata
  • (C) Cerebellum
  • (D) Cerebrum
Which of the following endocrine glands does not exist in pairs?
  • (A) Testes
  • (B) Adrenal
  • (C) Pituitary
  • (D) Ovary
The embryo in humans gets nutrition from the mother’s blood with the help of a special tissue called
  • (A) Placenta
  • (B) Villi
  • (C) Uterus
  • (D) Womb
Which among the following sentence is not correct?
  • (A) Centrosome is absent in plant cells.
  • (B) Chromatin fibre is made up of DNA threads.
  • (C) Cell wall is absent in animal cell.
  • (D) Ribosomes destroy foreign substances.
Nucleus contains thread like structures called ——-?
  • (A) Chromosomes
  • (B) Organelles
  • (C) Cytoplasm
  • (D) Vacuole
Who is considered as the “ Father of Genetics ‘’ ?
  • (A) Gregor Mendel        
  • (B) William Harvey
  • (C) Charles Darwin                   
  • (D) Werner Arber
During photosynthesis, which by-product is released by plants ?
  • (A) Carbon dioxide        
  • (B) Hydrogen
  • (C) Nitrogen      
  • (D) Oxygen
Our sensory endings possesses the ability to detect sounds that normally ranges between
  • (A) 20 – 20, 000 Hertz                 
  • (B) 10 – 15, 000 Hertz
  • (C) 8 – 25, 000 Hertz   
  • (D) None of the above
Which of the following statements is correct?
  • (A) Cell vacuoles do not store waste materials.
  • (B) Water transport in plants occurs across xylem.
  • (C) Breakdown of pyruvate in yeast in the presence of oxygen yields ethanol.
  • (D) None of the above.
Fine organic or inorganic particles suspended in air is called_________
  • (A) Aerosol
  • (B) Particulate pollutant
  • (C) Gaseous pollutant
  • (D) None
Cigarette smoking is responsible for the greatest exposure to ________
  • (A) Carbon monoxide
  • (B) Nitric oxide
  • (C) Carbondioxide
  • (D) Sulphurdioxide
Which of the following is the name of the combination vaccine given to children to protect them against Tetanus, Whooping Cough, and Diphtheria?
  • (A) BCG Vaccine
  • (B) DPT Vaccine
  • (C) HIB Vaccine
  • (D) TAB Vaccine
The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act was enacted in the year
  • (A) 1981
  • (B) 1996
  • (C) 2000
  • (D) 1974

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