June 12, 2024
A proposal to develop an ‘Electronic Park’ has been cleared recently by which sate government?
  • (A) Uttar Pradesh
  • (B) Punjab
  • (C) Madhya Pradesh
  • (D) Haryana
Who will take over charge as new IAF Chief?
  • (A) RKS Bhadauria
  • (B) HS Arora
  • (C) Vivek Ram Chaudhari
  • (D) none of the above
At present India’s rank in the global list of largest importing countries is-
  • (A) second
  • (B) fifth
  • (C) seventh
  • (D) eighth
Who has won the the Norway Chess Open 2021 (in Masters section)?
  • (A) Dmitrij Kollars
  • (B) D Gukesh
  • (C) Valentin Dragnev
  • (D) none of the above
Eden beach which got Blue Flag certification recently is in-
  • (A) Puducherry
  • (B) Tamil Nadu
  • (C) Odisha
  • (D) West Bengal
The headquarters of International Astronomical Union (IAU) are located at-
  • (A) London
  • (B) Paris
  • (C) Montreal
  • (D) Amsterdam
The first edition of the Himalayan Film Festival will take place in-
  • (A) Leh
  • (B) Gangtok
  • (C) Spiti
  • (D) Itanagar
According to FSSAI, India targets to become industrial trans-fat-free by-
  • (A) 2022
  • (B) 2023
  • (C) 2025
  • (D) 2030

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