June 12, 2024
Which country has been recently admitted as a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?
  • (A) Iran
  • (B) Afghanistan
  • (C) Belarus
  • (D) Croatia
What is India’s rank in Global Innovation Index 2021?
  • (A) 42nd
  • (B) 43rd
  • (C) 45th
  • (D) 46th
In FSSAI’s 3rd State Food Safety Index 2021, which state topped in ‘Larger States’ Category?
  • (A) Gujarat
  • (B) Maharashtra
  • (C) Madhya Pradesh
  • (D) Punjab
India conducts Samudra Shakti naval exercise with which country?
  • (A) Sri Lanka
  • (B) Indonesia
  • (C) Bangladesh
  • (D) Vietnam
Thanu Padmanabhan who passed away recently was a famous-
  • (A) odia writer
  • (B) astrophysicist
  • (C) cricketer
  • (D) painter
Geeta Samota who became the “fastest Indian” to summit two peaks located in Africa and Russia belongs to which organisation?
  • (A) Border Security Force
  • (B) Central Reserve Police Force
  • (C) Indo-Tibetan Border Police
  • (D) Central Industrial Security Force
World’s oldest living twins who are 107-year-old belong to-
  • (A) Japan
  • (B) Netherlands
  • (C) China
  • (D) Denmark
A tea park has been set up recently at Kamrup in-
  • (A) West Bengal
  • (B) Assam
  • (C) Kerala
  • (D) none of the above

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