April 23, 2024
Which country has successfully test-fired Hypersonic Cruise Missile ‘Zircon’ & Anti-Satellite Missile ‘Nudol’?
  • (A) Russia
  • (B) UK
  • (C) USA
  • (D) South Korea
Who has won the 2021 National Book Award for fiction for his novel “Hell of a Book”?
  • (A) Tiya Miles
  • (B) Malinda Lo
  • (C) Tahmima Anam
  • (D) Jason Mott
The first All-India Survey on Domestic Workers was launched recently by which of the following Ministry?
  • (A) Ministry of Statistics
  • (B) Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • (C) Ministry of Finance
  • (D) None of the above
Renowned Punjabi folk singer __________ has passed away following a prolonged illness.
  • (A) Jaswinder singh bains
  • (B) Dilpreet Dhillon
  • (C) Gurmeet Bawa
  • (D) Apinder Dhillon
Which state has topped the IPF Smart Policing Index 2021 released by the Indian Police Foundation (IPF)?
  • (A) Andhra Pradesh
  • (B) Gujarat
  • (C) Uttar Pradesh
  • (D) Rajasthan
‘Har Ghar Dastak’ campaign is associated with which of the following?
  • (A) Polio vaccination
  • (B) Education campaign for girls
  • (C) COVID-19 vaccination
  • (D) Job campaign for immigrants
Recently Doordarshan and All India Radio received awards in Kuala Lumpur, In this context which of the following statement is/are correct?
  • (A) Programme ‘DEAFinitely Leading the Way’ of All India Radio’s won the award under ‘Living Well with Super Diversity’ category.
  • (B) Doordarshan”s programme​​​ called ‘Living on the edge – The coastal lives’​ ​​won the award in the ‘Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature’ category.
  • (C) Both are correct.
  • (D) Both are incorrect.

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