July 16, 2024
World Hydrography Day is celebrated on?
  • (A) 18 May
  • (B) 20 June
  • (C) 21 June
  • (D) 01 July
What is the theme of International Day of Yoga 2024?
  • (A) Yoga for self and society
  • (B) Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
  • (C) Yoga for humanity
  • (D) Yoga For Wellness
Summer Solstice day in Northern Hemisphere is observed on?
  • (A) 23 March
  • (B) 21 June
  • (C) 22 September
  • (D) 21 December
Statement I : New campus of Nalanda University is located in Nawada, Bihar is designed as a 'Net Zero' Green Campus.
Statement II : Nalanda University was established in the 5th century by Gupta Emperor Kumaragupta I.
Which of the above statement is/are incorrect?
  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) Both I and II
  • (D) Neither I nor II
State of Global Air Report is published by Health Effect Institute in partnership with which international organisation?
  • (A) World Health Organisation
  • (B) World Meteriological Organisation
  • (C) National Association of Clean Air Agency
  • (D) United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome (STSS), often seen in news is a which type of infection?
  • (A) Fungal Infection
  • (B) Viral Infection
  • (C) Bacterial Infection
  • (D) Parasitic disease
Which of the following tunnel will connect Kathua and Doda districts of Jammu and Kashmir by providing all weather connectivity?
  • (A) Banihal Qazigund Road Tunnel
  • (B) Chattergala tunnel
  • (C) Atal Tunnel
  • (D) Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel
Chenab bridge, the world highest railway bridge is being constructed in which state/UT of India?
  • (A) Jammu Kashmir
  • (B) Assam
  • (C) Uttrakhand
  • (D) Arunachal Pradesh
Indira Gandhi Pyari Behna Sukh Samman Nidhi Yojana, recently seen in news is launched in which state?
  • (A) Uttrakhand
  • (B) Uttar Pradesh
  • (C) Haryana
  • (D) Himachal Pradesh

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