July 16, 2024
World Refugee day is celebrated every year on?
  • (A) 19 May
  • (B) 20 May
  • (C) 20 June
  • (D) 22 June
Statement I : Indian Navy received first indigenous Loitering Munition suicide drones Nagastra1.
Statement II : Nagastra, is an UAV-based system that are equipped with GPS-enabled guidance systems.
Which of the above statement is/are correct?
  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) Both I and II
  • (D) Neither I nor II
India’s DRDO is manufacturing its own long-range air defence system (Iron Dome) under which project?
  • (A) Kusha
  • (B) Tarkash
  • (C) Sadbhavna
  • (D) Maitri
Kavli Prize is awarded biennially to honoring great work in which field?
  • (A) Arts
  • (B) Mathematics
  • (C) Sports
  • (D) Science
Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) is an initiative of which two nations?
  • (A) India - Canada
  • (B) India - USA
  • (C) India - Japan
  • (D) India - Australia
India’s first Airline operated flying school will be established in which state?
  • (A) Madhya Pradesh
  • (B) Gujarat
  • (C) Maharashtra
  • (D) Uttar Pradesh
India made Truenat platform is a rapid molecular test technology related to which disease?
  • (A) Cancer
  • (B) COVID
  • (C) Skin Disease
  • (D) Tuberculosis
Piplu fair is organised every year in which district of Himachal?
  • (A) Una
  • (B) Bilaspur
  • (C) Kangra
  • (D) Hamirpur
Centre of excellence for differently-abled students will be established in which district?
  • (A) Shimla
  • (B) Solan
  • (C) Kangra
  • (D) Una

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