April 23, 2024
  • (A) Pulichintala multipurpose project is built across which river ?
  • (B) Godavari
  • (C) Krishna
  • (D) Kaveri
 India’s First Rapid Electronic and Artificial Intelligence-powered COVID-19 test called COVIHOME has been developed by-
  • (A) IIT- Delhi
  • (B) IIT- Ropar
  • (C) IIT- Bombay
  • (D) IIT- Hyderabad
The International Cooperation and Convention Centre – Rudraksh has been recently set up at-
  • (A) Varanasi
  • (B) Gaya
  • (C) Gandhinagar
  • (D) Haridwar
Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Heritage Augmentation Drive(PRASHAD) comes under the ambit of -
  • (A) Ministry of Tourism
  • (B) Ministry of Culture
  • (C) Ministry of Home Affairs
  • (D) Ministry of Rural Development
 The common name for Cytomegalovirus (CMV), occurring as a post-covid complication recently, is-
  • (A) Measles
  • (B) Herpes
  • (C) Roseola
  • (D) Fifth disease
 Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), seen repeatedly in news is associated with-
  • (A) Defamation
  • (B) Sedition
  • (C) LGBT rights
  • (D) Curfew/assembly of 4 or more people
 After the recent cabinet reshuffle, who is presently the tribal minister of India ?
  • (A) Renuka Singh Saruta
  • (B) Jual Oram
  • (C) Arjun Munda
  • (D) None of the above
 Who among the following was a reputed Pulitzer-winning Indian photojournalist who was killed in Afghanistan ?
  • (A) Sunil Kothari
  • (B) Hussain Lala
  • (C) Danish Siddiqui
  • (D) Dineshwar Sharma

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