July 16, 2024
What is the theme for World Austistic Pride Day 2024?
  • (A) Transforming the narrative
  • (B) Inclusive Quality Education for All
  • (C) Taking the Mask Off
  • (D) Moving from Surviving to Thriving
Statement I : India-IORA Cruise Tourism Conference 2024 was held In
Statement II : There are total 24 Member States of Indian Ocean Rim Association.
Which of the above statement is/are incorrect?
  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) Both I and II
  • (D) Neither I nor II
Recently, Shruti Vohra became the first Indian by winning a three star Grand Prix event in which field?
  • (A) Equestrian
  • (B) Jumping
  • (C) Driving
  • (D) Vaulting
Recently, who has been elected as the president of South Africa?
  • (A) Andrés Manuel López
  • (B) Cyril Ramaphosa
  • (C) Laurentino Cortizo
  • (D) Emmanuel Macron
PM Shri Tourism Air Service in partnership with JETSERVE Aviation Private Limited is launched in which state?
  • (A) Uttar Pradesh
  • (B) Maharasthra
  • (C) Uttrakhand
  • (D) Madhya Pradesh
Statement I : For the first time Indian Air Force will host multi-nation air exercise TARKASH in August.   
Statement II : It will be two - phase exercise in which 10 countries likely to participate.
Which of the above statement is/are correct?
  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) Both I and II
  • (D) Neither I nor II
In which of the following wildlife sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh government is planning to reintroduce cheetah’s ?
  • (A) Kuno National Park
  • (B) Pench
  • (C) Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • (D) Satpura Tiger Reserve
Recently, Indian migrant workers were killed in a massive fire outbreak in which country?
  • (A) Oman
  • (B) Saudi Arab
  • (C) Qatar
  • (D) Kuwait
Horticulture Development Project for building mandis, enhancing cold storage facilities and to improve apple production is funded by which organisation?
  • (A) World Bank
  • (B) International Monetary Fund
  • (C) Asian Developbent Bank
  • (D) International Finance Corporation

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