June 12, 2024
Recently, Anthrax, an infectious disease which affects domestic as well as wild animals, was reported in which State?
  • (A) Himachal Pradesh
  • (B) Kerala
  • (C) Karnataka
  • (D) Maharashtra
Consider the following statements:
1. India-EU to hold next round of FTA talks at Brussels in September 2022.
2. Currently, the EU is India's 2nd largest trading partner after the US, and the second largest destination for Indian exports.
Which of the following statements is/are correct?
  • (A) Only 1
  • (B) Only 2
  • (C) Both 1& 2
  • (D) Neither 1 nor 2.
Which Institute has bagged patent for cancer detection system for early and effective identification of prostate cancer?
  • (A) PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • (B) SII, Pune
  • (C) AIIMS, Delhi
  • (D) Indian institute of health management research, Jaipur
Consider the following statements:
1. India contributes to 9.1% of faunal diversity in the world.
2. Recently, India added 540 species to its faunal database in 2021 taking the total number of animal species to 1,03,258.
3. The most number of discoveries were made from Kerala followed by Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh.
4. Recently, Zoological Survey of India ((ZSI), observed its 107th foundation day.
Which of the following statements is/are incorrect?
  • (A) Only 1
  • (B) Only 2
  • (C) 1& 2 and 3
  • (D) Only 2 & 3
NTPC to set up a 10 GW Renewable Energy (RE) park in which State?
  • (A) Bihar
  • (B) Madhya Pradesh
  • (C) Karnataka
  • (D) Rajasthan
Which is the world’s only university which offers courses in folk arts and culture?
  • (A) Maharshtra Janapada Vishwavidyalaya
  • (B) Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya
  • (C) Kerala Janapada Vishwavidyalaya
  • (D) Odisha Janapada Vishwavidyalaya
India’s Tejas light combat aircraft has emerged as the top choice for which Country?
  • (A) Malaysia
  • (B) Cambodia
  • (C) Vietnam
  • (D) Philippines
Which Indian Athlete sets new national record in women’s 3000 m event in Los Angeles?
  • (A) Hima Das
  • (B) Parul Chaudhary
  • (C) Dutee Chand
  • (D) O. P Jaisha
Which is the Country's highest village, which gets the tap water recently under Jal Jeevan Mission?
  • (A) Tashigang village in Spiti
  • (B) Komic village in Spiti
  • (C) Lachen village, Sikkim
  • (D) None of these
Which State has bagged the first position among Himalayan and North-Eastern states in disbursing loan under PM SVANidhi Scheme?
  • (A) Nagaland
  • (B) Mizoram
  • (C) Manipur
  • (D) Himachal Pradesh

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