June 12, 2024
Which of the following states got statehood on January 21, 1972?
  • (A) Manipur and Tripura
  • (B) Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.
  • (C) Sikkim and Odisha
  • (D) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
Union Power Secretary chaired the second meeting of Steering Committee for SAMARTH. SAMARTH is related to which of the following?
  • (A) Thermal Plants
  • (B) Soil acidification
  • (C) Regulation of Regional Rural Banks
  • (D) Textile industry
With which of the following countries has India recently discussed national strategic priorities and developments in Science, Technology, and Innovation relations and taking rapid strides towards sustainability goals, especially on green fuels including green hydrogen?
  • (A) Australia
  • (B) Sweden
  • (C) Japan
  • (D) Denmark
Which player has won the Best FIFA Men’s Player of the year 2021?
  • (A) Robert Lewandowski
  • (B) Neymar
  • (C) Cristiano Ronaldo
  • (D) Karim Benzema
A new circuit house which has built been near the iconic Somnath Temple is located in which of the following states of India?
  • (A) Orissa
  • (B) Gujarat
  • (C) Assam
  • (D) Rajasthan

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