April 20, 2024
The Rare Disease Day is observed every year on the last day of February. The theme for Rare Disease Day 2022 is-
  • (A) Rare is beautiful.
  • (B) Spread the word.
  • (C) Awareness is the treatment.
  • (D) Share Your Colors.
National Protein Day is celebrated in India every year on-
  • (A) 25th February
  • (B) 26th February
  • (C) 27th February
  • (D) 28th February
Which Indian women weight lifter has won the gold medal in the 55kg weight category at the Singapore Weightlifting International 2022?
  • (A) Kunjarani Devi
  • (B) Swati Singh
  • (C) Mirabai Chanu
  • (D) Sanjita Chanu
India conducts bilateral military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian’ with-
  • (A) Russia
  • (B) Japan
  • (C) Mongolia
  • (D) Saudi Arabia
Hemananda Biswal who passed away recently was first tribal Chief Minister of which state?
  • (A) Odisha
  • (B) Jharkhand
  • (C) West Bengal
  • (D) Chhattisgarh
Consider the following statements with respect to Bhasha Sangam Initiative-
1. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture.
2. It is developed by Centre for Cultural Resources and Training.
Which of the above statements are correct?
  • (A) Only 1
  • (B) Only 2
  • (C) Both 1 and 2
  • (D) Neither 1 nor 2
India's first 'Smart Managed EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station' has been recently commissioned in-
  • (A) Bengaluru
  • (B) Guru Gram
  • (C) New Delhi
  • (D) Mumbai
Consider the following statements regarding New Development Bank (NDB)-
1. NDB was set up in 2014 by the BRICS countries.
2. It is headquartered at Beijing, China.
3 It will become the 1st multilateral agency to open an office in the GIFT city.
Which of the above statements are correct?
  • (A) Only 1 and 2
  • (B) Only 2 and 3
  • (C) Only 1 and 3
  • (D) 1, 2 and 3
What is the name of mission launched by Government to evacuate Indians stranded in Ukraine?
  • (A) Operation Yamuna
  • (B) Operation Maitri
  • (C) Operation Thunderbolt
  • (D) Operation Ganga
Consider the following statements about Dugongs-
1. Dugongs are considered as ‘endangered’ species.
2. As per Wildlife Institute of India (WII) there are only 200-250 dugongs left in India.
3. The first Dugong Conservation Reserve of India is coming up in Andaman Islands.
Which of the above statements are correct?
  • (A) Only 1 and 2
  • (B) Only 2 and 3
  • (C) Only 1 and 3
  • (D) 1, 2 and 3

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