April 23, 2024
The ‘Forum for Decarbonizing Transport’ in India has been jointly launched by NITI Aayog and-
  • (A) World Bank
  • (B) National Development Bank
  • (C) World Resources Institute
  • (D) International Monetary Fund
Wanchuwa Festival is celebrated by ______ tribe found mainly in Assam.
  • (A) Tiwa
  • (B) Karbi
  • (C) Deori
  • (D) Dimasa
Who has been appointed as joint secretary in the Ministry of Cooperation?
  • (A) Rakesh Asthana
  • (B) Abhay Kumar Singh
  • (C) Sandeep Bakshi
  • (D) Nakul Chopra
Infosys is the fourth Indian company to cross $100 billion in market capitalisation. Which of the following is not one of the other three?
  • (A) Reliance Industries
  • (B) Tata Consultancy Services
  • (C) HDFC Bank
  • (D) Wipro Technologies
In Cushman & Wakefield’s 2021 Global Manufacturing Risk Index, India has become the world’s _______ most desired manufacturing destination.
  • (A) second
  • (B) third
  • (C) fifth
  • (D) seventh
Which city topped in Safe Cities Index 2021, released by the Economist Intelligence Unit?
  • (A) Paris
  • (B) New York
  • (C) Singapore
  • (D) Copenhagen
Karnataka government has selected __________for the prestigious Sri Basava International Award.
  • (A) Vinay Badhwar
  • (B) Sri Basavalinga Pattaddevaru
  • (C) Kaushik Basu
  • (D) Vidya Balan
Who won the women’s Long Jump silver medal in the World Athletics U20 Championships?
  • (A) Roohani Malik
  • (B) Aditi Singh
  • (C) Shaili Singh
  • (D) none of the above
Princepal Singh became the first Indian to be part of an NBA title-winning team. Which team is he associated with?
  • (A) Sacramento Kings
  • (B) Toronto Raptors
  • (C) Los Angeles Lakers
  • (D) New York Knicks
The ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ event is started from August 23 and will continue till-
  • (A) August 26
  • (B) August 27
  • (C) August 28
  • (D) August 29
India’s Evacuation Mission from Afghanistan is named as-
  • (A) Operation Rahat
  • (B) Operation Maitri
  • (C) Operation Devi Shakti
  • (D) none of the above

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