June 16, 2024
Which country has recently tested the nuclear-capable missile Ghaznavi?
  • (A) Iran
  • (B) Pakistan
  • (C) Iraq
  • (D) Saudi Arabia
‘Honour FIRST’ is a premium banking solution launched by IDFC Bank for serving personnel and veterans of-
  • (A) Indian Army
  • (B) Indian Air force
  • (C) Indian Navy
  • (D) Central Armed Police Forces
The 2020 Summer Paralympics Games will be held in-
  • (A) Tokyo
  • (B) Qatar
  • (C) Beijing
  • (D) Paris
An online portal named TAPAS (Training for Augmenting Productivity and Services) to provide filmed lectures/courses and e-study material for social defence, has been launched by-
  • (A) Ministry of Education
  • (B) Ministry of Home Affairs
  • (C) Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports
  • (D) Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
The International Scientific Advisory Group for Origins of Novel Pathogens, or SAGO has been created by-
  • (A) World Health Organization
  • (B) United Nations Environment Programme
  • (C) Indian Council for Medical Research
  • (D) Doctors Without Borders
Which Afghanistan president stepped down to pave way for rule of Taliban in the country?
  • (A) Hamid Karzai
  • (B) Abdullah Abdullah
  • (C) Rula Ghani
  • (D) Ashraf Ghani
India’s first Drone Forensic Lab and Research Center has come up in-
  • (A) Kerala
  • (B) Maharashtra
  • (C) Karnataka
  • (D) Tamil Nadu
Reserve Bank of India has cancelled the license of Karnala Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited. It is based out of-
  • (A) Haryana
  • (B) Andhra Pradesh
  • (C) Telangana
  • (D) Maharashtra
Harshit Raja from Pune, Maharashtra has become the 69th Grandmaster of India in Chess. Grandmaster (GM) title is awarded to chess players by-
  • (A) All India Chess Federation
  • (B) International Chess Federation (FIDE)
  • (C) International Olympic Organisation
  • (D) none of the above

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