May 26, 2024
Under which flag ship scheme large Area Certification Scheme has been launched:
  • (A) Param paragat krishi vikas yojana
  • (B) kisan svanidhi yojana
  • (C) Per drop more crop
  • (D) Svamitva yojana
World immunization week 2021 is celebrated in the last week of which month A. January
  • (A) January
  • (B) February
  • (C) December
  • (D) April
Python-5 Missile has been inducted in the weapon package of which Aircraft
  • (A) Rafael
  • (B) Tejas
  • (C) Mig21
  • (D) Mig 30
World Athletic Day is celebrated on -
  • (A) May 6
  • (B) May 7
  • (C) May 8
  • (D) May 9
VINCOV-19, which might be first potential specific drug for COVID-19, uses therapeutic antibodies derived from -
  • (A) Bats
  • (B) Horses
  • (C) Cows
  • (D) None of the above.
Which of the following statements about the Osteocytes, cells found in human body, is incorrect ?
  • (A) Osteocytes are found in bone tissues
  • (B) Osteocyte cells do not divide
  • (C) Osteocytes are dendritic(tree) shaped, similar to nerve cells.
  • (D) Osteocytes are most abundant cells in bones.
Which of the following countries does not border Caspian Sea ?
  • (A) Russia
  • (B) Iran
  • (C) Armenia
  • (D) Turkmenistan
What does the acronym DDoS stand for ?
  • (A) Denied Distribution of Services
  • (B) Distributed Denial of Software
  • (C) Distributed Denial of Service
  • (D) Deny Distribution of Services

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