May 25, 2024
 World Health Assembly, a key decision making body of World Health Organisation, normally, is held every year in which city ?
  • (A) Geneva 
  • (B) Bonn
  • (C) Paris
  • (D) Rome
 National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) aims to reduce Particulate Matter concentrations bby 20-30% by the year 
  • (A) 2024
  • (B) 2025
  • (C) 2023
  • (D) 2022
 Which of the following is not an internet browser ?
  • (A) Google Chrome
  • (B) Microsoft edge
  • (C) Mozilla Firefox
  • (D) Apple Siri
 Shahi Litchi, has a registered Geographical Indication (GI) Tag from the state of-
  • (A) Uttar Pradesh
  • (B) Maharashtra
  • (C) Bihar
  • (D) Punjab
 MCA21 seen recently in news is-
  • (A) A medium combat aircraft developed by DRDO.
  • (B) An online portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • (C) A gene sequence recently discovered in mice.
  • (D) None of the above.
The IUCN Red List categorises Gharial as ________ species.
  • (A) Vulnerable
  • (B) Critically endangered
  • (C) Extinct in wild
  • (D) Endangered
 Khonoma Nature Conservation & Tragopan Sanctuary is a conservation reserve found in-
  • (A) Arunachal Pradesh
  • (B) Ladakh
  • (C) Meghalaya
  • (D) Nagaland
 The headquarters of IUCN are situated in-
  • (A) Paris
  • (B) Beijing
  • (C) Nairobi
  • (D) Gland 
 Banni Grassland seen recently in news is found in-
  • (A) Gujarat
  • (B) Haryana
  • (C) Rajasthan
  • (D) Maharashtra

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