June 23, 2024
Which tech giant recently signed its first deal to buy renewable energy from a local wind power project in Karnataka?
  • (A) Google
  • (B) Amazon
  • (C) Facebook
  • (D) Microsoft
Recently approved ROPAX Jetty project to come up on Dhamra river is proposed in which state?
  • (A) Andhra Pradesh
  • (B) Odisha
  • (C) Chhattisgarh
  • (D) Madhya Pradesh
Who has won the BBC Indian Sportswoman-of-the-Year award 2020?
  • (A) P.V Sandhu
  • (B) Koneru Humpy
  • (C) Saina Nehwal
  • (D) Manu Bhaker
The prestigious ‘Pritzker Prize’ is awarded in the field of
  • (A) Mathematics
  • (B) Literature
  • (C) Architecture
  • (D) Science
Who has been conferred with the Vyas Samman 2020?
  • (A) Mamta Kalia
  • (B) Surinder Verma
  • (C) Leeladhar Jagudi
  • (D) Sharad Pagare

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