April 23, 2024
 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Rome. It was established in-
  • (A) 1919
  • (B) 1945
  • (C) 1962
  • (D) 1975
 Jal Shakti Abhiyaan is an initiative of Ministry of Jal Shakti for conservation of water. It was launched on World Water day, celebrated on
  • (A) March 22
  • (B) April 22
  • (C) May 22
  • (D) June 22
The internationally recognised boundary of space is called-
  • (A) Van Allen Line
  • (B) Karman Line
  • (C) Mohorovic Line
  • (D) Mcmohan Line
 Jivan Vayu, India’s first power free Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP) device is invented by-
  • (A) IIT Ropar
  • (B) IISER Mohali
  • (C) IISER Bengaluru
  • (D) IIT Madras
A new fossil of reptile, Bharitalasuchus tapani, has been recently discovered in Yerrapalli Formations which are situated in-
  • (A) Kerala
  • (B) Tamil Nadu
  • (C) Telangana
  • (D) Andhra Pradesh
World Giving Index (WGI) is published by the-
  • (A) Amnesty International
  • (B) Charities Aid Foundation
  • (C) UNESCO
  • (D) Salvation Army
 The headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are situated in-
  • (A) New York
  • (B) Washington D.C
  • (C) London
  • (D) Brussels
Kerala’s Silverline Project is associated with-
  • (A) Silver mining
  • (B) Jewellery exports
  • (C) Railways
  • (D) Airports

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