March 1, 2024

Day-22 Answer Writing Challenge : Model Answer

Question: Discuss the significance of space technology in promoting development in India. 8   Marks


The application of space technology has led to significant advances in our understanding of the universe, as well as in various industries, including communication, navigation, weather forecasting, agriculture, and defense.

Applications of space technology in India are:

Communication: India has a wide network of communication satellites in orbit which provide connectivity to remote areas of the country. The Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) provides services like television broadcasting, telemedicine, and disaster management. Example: GSAT series satellites of India.

Remote Sensing: India has a fleet of earth observation satellites that provide high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface for various applications like land use mapping, resource management, and environmental monitoring. Example HySIS satellites.

Navigation: The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) provides precise positioning and timing information to users in India and the surrounding regions.

Weather Forecasting: India’s meteorological satellites provide real-time weather data, which helps in accurate weather forecasting and disaster management.

Agriculture: The data obtained from earth observation satellites is used for crop monitoring and assessment, soil moisture estimation, and drought prediction. Example: KISANSAT.

Disaster Management: The satellite data is used for disaster management during natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and cyclones. The National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) plays a vital role in this regard. Example: Data released on Joshimath sinking by ISRO

Defence: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) provides satellite-based services to the Indian Defence forces for surveillance and communication. Example: RISAT satellites

Space technology has contributed significantly to India’s national security, with satellites used for strategic communication, surveillance, and intelligence gathering. This has helped to safeguard the nation’s borders and protect its citizens.

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