December 8, 2023

Day-15 Answer Writing Challenge : Model Answer

Question: What steps are needed for bringing out Good Governance? (4 marks, 60 words)



Good Governance’ implies positive attributes and values associated with the quality of governance.


Various steps needed for bringing out Good Governance are as follows:

  • Reorienting priorities of the State through appropriate investment in human needs.
  • Provision of social safety nets for the poor and marginalized sections of the society.
  • By including citizens from the beginning, it will be easier for officials to develop cooperation and discover frustrations that the public has with governance.
  • Introducing appropriate reforms in the functioning of legislative organs and increasing their effectiveness.


  • Enhancing Civil Services capacity through appropriate reform measures that matches performance and accountability.
  • Forging new alliances with civil society and evolving a new framework for Government- Business cooperation.
  • Implementing changes to governance require effective and clear communication in order to optimize resources and avoid confusion or distrust from the public.
  • Issues within governance can be addressed and made more efficient through technology.
  • From taxes to voting and banking, cities can find governance solutions easier to implement by innovating with technology
  • They simply need to invest in the new infrastructure.
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