March 1, 2024

Day-11 Answer Writing Challenge : Model Answer

Question: “The fairs and festivals are inseparable parts of H.P society”. Discuss.


Understanding of question:
IntroductionVarious cultural ceremonies in HP
Main Bodyl  Cultural ceremonies in HP in detail

l  Their social implications



Himachal Pradesh is not only a place of enchanting landscapes and mystifying woods but also colourful festivals. Fairs and festivals form the integral part of society of H.P.

Classification of fairs

  1. Religious fairs – like Shivratri, Dussehra, Renuka fair, Holi fair, Gugga fair, Sui fair etc.
  2. Cultural fairs – like Winter fair of Manali, Summer festival of Dharamshala, Salooni fair of Solan.
  3. Trade fairs – Lavi fair of Rampur Bushahr, Nalwari fair of Bilaspur.

Role of fairs and festivals in Himachal society

  1. Promote social integration: by bringing people together in joyful celebration of significant events.
  2. Acts as mode of survival of culture of Himachali people.
  3. Provide platform for revelation of great artistic traditions of H.P.
  4. Promote traits of festivity and devotional exuberance in people.People seek blessings of local deity during these fairs.
  5. Settlement of marriages, match making done during these fairs.
  6. Exchange of things of local artisans and farmers produce done.
  7. Promotion of trade between different communities through fairs. Articles like clothes, wool, pashmina, fur, leather, pottery, fruits displayed for sale.
  8. Platform for promotion of welfare schemes launched by government.
  9. Religious connectivity to roots promoted in people of H.P.

However, with modernization and literacy, many fairs and festivals are losing their charm. They are not celebrated with much more enthusiasm and young generation find it difficult to connect with religious roots associated with these fairs and festivals. But on the other hand, H.P is becoming a top spot for adventure sports and this has given rise to many events and carnivals centering around Snow festival of Lahaul & Spiti.

Moreover ,in remote areas of H.P, when winters bring the life to standstill, these fairs and festivals brings the fun and devotion in people.

Thus, fairs and festivals are inseparable part of H.P society

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