March 1, 2024

HPAS/ N.T. Allied Mains 2022-23 Answer Writing Challenge: Model Answer

Question: What are the reasons for underrepresentation of women in Indian Political system? (20 Marks, 400 Words)


As per the data compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, of which India is a member, women represent 14.44% of the total members of the Lok Sabha.

Reasons for underrepresentation of women in Indian Political System:

  • Socio-Cultural factors: In India, traditions continue to emphasize women’s primary roles as mothers and housewives and to restrict them to those roles.
  • Religion: Exclusion of women from religious institutions and religious leadership may have a negative impact on women’s status in Indian society and limit their opportunities in politics and public life.
  • Economic Factor: Lack of economic resources is one of the biggest obstacles that prevent women from participating in politics in greater numbers in Indian societies.
  • Literacy among Indian women is 65.46%, which is much lower than literacy among men reported at 82.14%.
  • Unfriendly Political Environment: There has been increasing violence in politics. A significant rise in criminalization, corruption, insecurity has driven women out of the political arena
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