March 1, 2024

HPAS/Allied Mains 2022 Answer Writing Challenge Day 295: Model Answer

 Question: Discuss the effects of Globalisation on Indian Society. (8 marks/120 words)


Globalization refers to integration of nation’s economy with the world economy and free flow of capital, knowledge, humans, industries etc.

 There are both positive and negative effects of Globalisation on Indian Society, which are as follows:


  1. It helped in the growth of Indian economy through increment in FDI’s and it has provided wide-variety of products at lower prices for Indian consumers
  2. Globalisation has led to the growth of Indian students by serving them with various opportunities worldwide. They can learn from different universities around the world and have deep knowledge about any subject.
  3. Upgradation and innovation of technology has helped numerous people all around India. E.g. online banking.
  4. Due to globalisation feminist movement has spread in India. Women in India are now more vocal about their ideas. E.g. “Me-too movement” has spread in India as well which has led to the prevention of discrimination at work place.
  5. Cultural and social awareness: By reducing cross-border distances, globalisation has increased cross-cultural understanding and sharing.


  1. Agricultural sector has been ignored by the Government of India which has deteriorated its share from the Indian economy.
  2. Economic disparities/differences have increased after the expansion of globalisation.
  3. Globalisation is also one of the major causes of global warming in India because all the dirt by companies is disposed of in the environment.
  4. One of the biggest issues modern women in India are facing is the dual responsibility thrusted on working women. Globalisation has done nothing to alleviate the domestic responsibilities of working women.
  5. Globalisation has affected the traditional values and ethics of Indian education.


So, we can say that globalization is not a free lunch as an outward looking. It is a mixed bag of success and failures. Having gone through positive and negative effect of globalization of we can say that it is not equally beneficial for all countries of the world. So we need a policy of globalization which is beneficial, creates opportunities with the objective of growth, employment and equity and raise the welfare of all people throughout the world. Government should adopt measures to ensure fair globalization policy.




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