February 25, 2024

HPAS/Allied Mains 2022 Answer Writing Challenge Day 276: Model Answer

Question: Write a critical note on Satyashodhak Samaj. (4 marks/ 60 words)


Satya shodhak samaj was founded with a purpose to give education to the lower casts. Scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and made them aware of the exploiting tradition of the society. It was founded by Jyotirao Phule in 1873 in Pune. Like every other society this society also imposed a ban on the admission of the high-class people, aristocrats, bureaucracy, and Brahmins. This society only admits in it the members of Shudra Samaj or the people of the lower caste. Upper caste members can only become members of the society by analyzing its actions and habit.

Through his writing and work, Jyotirao advocated against caste system and the illogical and orthodox status of Brahmin in it also wrote against the inequality in the religious books, orthodox nature of religion and its exploitation nature, blind and misleading rituals, and the misogynistic beliefs prevalent in the Hindu religion. Jyotirao Phule established the Satya shodhak smaj by keeping certain thoughts and ideas in mind like ideals of human well-being, happiness, unity, equality, and easy religious principles and rituals. Phule had also started a newspaper: Deena Bandhu, provided the voice for the views of the Samaj.

The society attacked the Brahmins who considered themselves as the messenger of God and considered them as the medium of contact, between people and god and hence opposed the bureaucracy of Brahmins in their times. They rejected the Upanishads and Vedic culture and also rejected to respect the Aryan society; according to them, Aryan samaj is concentrated on destroying the non-Aryan samaj. So, we cany say this has further divided the Indian society on religious lines.




















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