March 1, 2024

HPAS/Allied Mains 2022 Answer Writing Challenge Day 268: Model Answer

Question: Evaluate the key differences between Mughal style and Rajput style of paintings. (4 marks/ 60 words)


The key differences between Mughal style and Rajput style of paintings are as follows:

  • While Mughal style in more aristocratic, Rajput style is more democratic.
  • While Mughal style is more realistic, materialistic and secular; the Rajput style is mystic, spiritual and has religion as its integral part.
  • Since Mughal art was mostly confined to Imperial courts, it mainly depicts Mughal splendour and pomp. On the other hand, the Rajput art was an art of the people; it had popular and familiar themes.
  • The Mughal art was isolated from Folk art, while Rajput style was influenced and inspired by Folk art.
  • Mughal style generally deals with materialistic aspect of animal life such as hunting of deers, fighting of animals such as elephants. On the other hand, Rajput style deals with the religious as well as aesthetic aspect of animal life, depicts animals as deities and also as increasing beauty in the Paintings


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