February 24, 2024

HPAS/Allied Mains 2022 Answer Writing Challenge Day 13: Model Answer

Question: Explain why year 1757 is Considered an important year in History of Modern India.          8 marks( 120 words)



The Year 1757  can be considered an Important year because of the Events like Battle of Plassey & The Beginning of Third Anglo-French War in India or Third Carnatic war.

Victory at Battle of Plassey put British in considerably commanding position in Bengal & later on victory in Carnatic made them undisputed claimant on India’s trade among all European powers as French Defeat at the hands of British was a great set back for French.


With these two events There was huge turnaround for British in India &  it certainly became a reason for  so many visible changes which are being discussed here.

  1.  British control over Bengal Strengthened:- Due to Battle of Plassey Robert Clive Made huge strides in gaining control of Bengal Huge Economic wealth it made way for future Battle of Buxar which later on proved to be decisive  & made them Masters of Bengal.
  2. Successfull in Wiping out Competition:- With the economic gains made out of Bengal after Plassey British leapfrogged Dutch & French & were Able to defeat them in consecutive Battles of Bedara & Wandiwash Respectively.
  3. Both of these European powers were forced to leave India & left their settlements leaving British with Monopoly in their Hands.
  4. Huge Boost for British Morale:- after these Events British Became more confident about their Military & diplomatic superiority. Economic & territorial gains made just after this Event made them Even More Hungry for India’s Resources & it led to their victories against Mysore,Rohillas,Marathas & Mughals & later on against Gurkhas ,Sikhs & Burma.
  5. Merchants to Masters:- For the very first time British realized that they could now become masters of India & realized that they can make more money by collecting Land Revenue & Commercialization of Crops & now they can abuse India’s Human resources & raw material at their will.


Here We Can conclude that it was a sudden change of Fortunes for British Just after 1757 & later on resulted in British gaining full political & Economic control over India. India’s resources made British Grow Richer Over the time & it was so Fruitful that British Became strongest Military & Naval force for next 200 years.

Success in India was soon replicated in other parts of the world also with help of India’s Resources & it helped in established British Hegemony over many parts of the world stretched to 6 continents of the world.

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