February 25, 2024

HPAS/Allied Mains 2022 Answer Writing Challenge Day 237: Model Answer

Question: How are farmers classified into various categories like marginal, small, medium and large etc. in Himachal Pradesh? (4 marks/60 words)


Agriculture/ Horticulture provide direct employment to about 70 per cent of total workers of the State. According to Census 2011, Himachal Pradesh is the only state in the country where 89.96 per cent of the population lives in Rural areas. Distribution of land holdings according to 2015-16 Agricultural Census shows that 88.86 per cent of the total holdings belongs to small and marginal farmers.

The Distribution of Land Holdings is as follows:

Size of Holdings (hect)Category No. of Holdings


Av. Size of Holding(hect)
Below 1.0Marginal6.70


1.0 -2.0Small1.75


2.0 – 4.0Semi Medium0.85


4.0 -10.0Medium0.28


10.0- AboveLarge0.03






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