December 8, 2023

HPAS Mains 2021/22 Answer Writing Challenge Day 5 : 08-10-2021

HPAS Mains Syllabus General Studies Paper 1 : History of Himachal Pradesh

How far you do feel justified in styling Sansar Chand’s reign as the golden period in Kangra History?  (8 Marks, 120 words)

Understanding of question:
DirectiveHow far do you fell justified:  In such type of questions we have to give our opinion on given statement?
IntroductionAbout Sansar Chand and his contribution
Main BodyGolder Era:

·       Temple Construction

·       Buildings and forts

·       Hatim and Rustom

·       Paintings

  • Territorial expansion
ConclusionIf we write both for and against given statement, then there is a need to conclude it with either solution or way forward.
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