December 8, 2023

HPAS Mains 2021/22 Answer Writing Challenge Day 4 : 07-10-2021

HPAS Mains Syllabus General Studies Paper 1 : Freedom Struggle: its various stages and the role of eminent personalities from different parts of India.

Question: What was the significance of the role played by Sardar Patel in shaping India’s fate before and after independence. How can we compare the role of  Sardar Patel to that of Bismarck?  (20 marks, 400 words)


Understanding of question:
Directive What: used to ask for information about people or things.
IntroductionBriefly write about Sardar Patel
Main BodyRole played in freedom struggle:

  • Kheda satyagraha(1918)
  • Bardoli satyagraha(1928)
  • Favour self-reliance
  • Presided INC session of 1931


Role played after getting independence:

  • First deputy prime minister
  • Integration of princely states
  • Restoration of law and order
  • Reorganized civil services


Comparison of sardar patel and bismark policies

Conclusion He was the chief architects and guardians of India’s freedom struggle and unrivalled contribution towards consolidation of independent India
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